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Compliance specialists play a critical role in keeping the company safe by setting the framework within which all other employees operate.


The range of tasks and considerations undertaken in the compliance role is diverse, however we are delighted to be able to provide a suite of support to assist individuals to develop the skills needed for this demanding role.


Compliance Hub publishes a number of books written by our Managing Director, Steve Gray.


The most popular book with Signatories is “The Code Explained”.


There is no substitute for personalised learning.

Code Awareness Service

The Code Awareness Service is an easy way to stay up to date with the outcome of Code cases.

Compliance Specialist Development Programme

Compliance Hub offers a complete programme of support for aspiring and experienced compliance specialists.


You can elect to enter the programme at the right level for you, depending on your level of experience within the industry.  




We know that diary commitments do not always permit attendance at pre-scheduled workshops. With that in mind Compliance Hub is pleased to offer a number of e-learning courses.

Pharma Case Archive

Imagine a database of historical code cases. One that is searchable by topic, clause number or keyword.

Workshops for Compliance Specialists

Compliance Hub offers a range of workshops on specialist topics that are ideal for Compliance Managers & Specialists. 

Contact us on 01525 292020 or send us an email

A positive approach to compliance.

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