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Compliance Specialists

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Annual Skills Update - Compliance Specialist

An annual workshop to update Compliance Specialists on the latest requirements for governance programmes.

Complaint Management

Learn how to successfully and responsibly issue or respond to a complaint

Complaince Specialist Advanced Skills

Skill enhancement for

compliance specialists

Compliance Specialist Skills

Develop and maintain effective governance frameworks


Digital Media

Applying the Code in a digital enviornment

European Codes

Understanding the key differences between Europe's national Codes

Preparing for Launch

How to prepare for launch and prepare the market - without promoting the product

Services to Medicine & Arms-Length Activities

Financial grants, therapy review services and audit programmes deconstructed to expose the inherent risks

Signatory Skills

Develop the risk-management and decision-making skills needed by Signatories


The Public, Patients

& Patient Organisations

Learn how to share appropriate information with the public and the media - without it being regarded as promotional messaging.


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