A workshop to update your knowledge on the 2019 Code changes


Claim substantiation and risk identification

Review Skills


Signatory Skills

Develop the risk-management and decision-making skills needed by Signatories


Develop and maintain effective governance frameworks

Compliance Specialist Skills


Explore some less visited areas of the Code and stretch your skills

Advanced Signatory Skills


Annual Skills Update - Reviewers

An annual workshop to update Reviewers on the latest requirements for assessing material and claims.

Annual Skills Update - Signatories

Precedent-setting cases and informative discussion

Annual Skills Update -
Compliance Specialist

An annual workshop to update Compliance Specialists on the latest requirements for governance programmes.

Skill enhancement for compliance specialists

Compliance Specialist Advanced Skills

An assessment of readiness to be a Signatory

Mock Validation
Complaint Management

Learn how to successfully and responsibly issue or respond to a complaint

Understand the key differences between Europe's national Codes

European Codes

An introduction to marketing within the pharmaceutical industry

Foundation Course
The Public, Patients & Patient Organisations

How to prepare for launch and prepare the market - without promoting the product

Preparing for Launch
Digital Media

Applying the Code in a digital environment

Services to Medicine & Arms-Length Activities

Financial grants, therapy review services and audit programmes deconstructed to expose the inherent risks

The Code for Administrators

An understanding of the Code from the perspective of those who support the medical and marketing business units

Learn how to share appropriate information with the public and the media - without it being regarded as promotional messaging.

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