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Agency Support

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Compliance Hub has been working with agencies since its inception in 2010. 


We have a wide range of services that can support the agency, no matter what its specialist focus.


Please call us and we will always do our best to help.

ARTS: The Complete Support Package

The Agency Recognition and Training Scheme was established in 2010.

Audit Services for Agencies

Audit is an essential element of any structured compliance programme. It is important to test the robustness of your policies and processes on a regular basis - ideally annually.

Advice & Bespoke Support for Agencies

Compliance Hub has a strong reputation for providing pragmatic advice and for developing creative solutions to resolve compliance-related challenges.


Compliance Hub publishes a number of books written by our Managing Director, Steve Gray.


The most popular book with Signatories is “The Code Explained”.

Code Awareness Service for Agencies

The Code Awareness Service is an easy way to stay up to date with the outcome of Code cases.

On-Site Training & Bespoke Workshops for Agencies

Compliance Hub is the “go to” company for ABPI Code and compliance training.


Our workshops are engaging, interactive and effective. They are always tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Pharmacase Archive for Agencies

Imagine a database of historical code cases. One that is searchable by topic, clause number or keyword.

Public Workshops for Agencies

Compliance hub offers a range of specialist workshops that will be of interest to agency staff. 

Contact us on 01525 292020 or send us an email

A positive approach to compliance.

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