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Personal Development

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Everyone has different goals and a preferred learning style.


Here at Compliance Hub we have an inherent understanding of the needs of individuals and we are dedicated to helping every person achieve their learning goals, using a wide range of different approaches.


We also have deep personal experience of working within the pharmaceutical industry and the challenges faced in specific roles.


Compliance Hub has a range of workshops and materials to support both existing and aspiring Signatories in their application of the ABPI Code.

Appropriately Qualified Person (AQP)

The best AQPs support Signatories by identifying risks in the detailed elements of an activity - and by proposing effective solutions.

Agency Staff

We can provide a range of help to support you in applying the Code in a way that lets you retain your creative edge. 

Compliance Specialists

Compliance specialists play a critical role in keeping the company safe by setting the framework within which all other employees operate.

Contact us on 01525 292020 or send us an email

A positive approach to compliance.

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