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Review Skills

About the workshop

We are now virtual!! Our 2021 public workshop programme is designed to drive the standards of review much higher, much earlier in the chain of material assessment thus reducing signatory pressure and accelerating project progression.

The programme consists of 3 modules, plus a one-to-one telephone coaching session.  Please add each module to your basket to book.



Reviewing materials and activities for Code compliance requires a thorough knowledge of the relevant aspects of the Code to enable the Reviewer to ask the right questions. It also requires the ability to understand, deconstruct and validate promotional claims. 


This workshop will expose delegates to a wide range of materials and activities including promotional materials, meetings and press releases. Delegates will learn what questions to ask and what substantiating evidence is required for each subject. There is a particular focus on Clause 7 to ensure a thorough understanding of how statements can slip into the trap of becoming misleading.

Suitable for

People new to reviewing materials for approval; technical specialists, medical information

Other Development Ideas

Please contact us to discuss:

Mock based scenario validation

Additional coaching support


How to book

Simply add one date for each module to your basket and checkout.  You will be asked if you wish to pay by credit card, or whether you wish to pay by purchase order.

Once your dates are booked, we will be in touch to organise your telephone coaching.

Course Overview

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3


Contact us on 01525 292020 or send us an email

A positive approach to compliance.

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