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PACT - Procedures, Advice & Codes Training


At Compliance Hub we are always looking for ways to best support our customers, offer value for money and flexibility.  As the compliance environment is ever evolving, it is often hard to plan and to know what you will need to deliver for your business year on year.  However what is reassuring is knowing you have the support of a company who you can rely on, and who know your business.  Compliance Hub is trusted across the industry for it’s delivery, knowledge & service standards.


Let us introduce our ‘PACT’ scheme to you … Compliance Hub & you working together to achieve what’s right for your business:

  • Onsite training on any topic - onsite or onscreen, your choice!

  • Complaint Management

  • Audit/Health-checks

  • Advice

  • Consultancy

  • SOP Development


It's simple - you build the package that suits you!

One fixed price per year - 12 days support 

Your annual commitment gives you better value for money


One ‘day’ is a days workshop - onsite/onscreen, or 7 hours consultancy.  We can work with you to identify the priorities for the forthcoming year and agree a schedule, or you can just use the funds as priorities arise.  One fixed price for 12 days equivalent of any of the above (exc VAT & travel expenses where appropriate). 

Suitable for:


Pharmaceutical companies looking for flexibility of support

Please contact us to discuss dates

Contact us on 01525 292020 or send us an email

A positive approach to compliance.

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