Reviewers play a key role in the approval process; and thus in the delivery of successful marketing and medical activities.


The best Reviewers support Signatories by identifying risks in the detailed elements of an activity - and by proposing effective solutions.


Compliance Hub offers a range of activities to support the development of all members of the Review team.

Development Programme

Compliance Hub offers a complete programme of support for aspiring and existing Reviewers.


Depending on your level of experience within the industry or within the marketing part of the business, you can enter the programme at the right level for you.


We recommend that individuals joining the industry straight from practicing medicine, or from areas of industry outside the marketing company, join our Foundation course to quickly establish a strong understanding of the environment in which Signatories operate; and then progress to our Reviewer Course to develop the core skills needed in assessing the strength of materials and claims.


Experienced reviewers may wish to remain up to date with key code cases and developments. That’s why we offer an Annual Refresher workshop where we discuss precedent-setting cases. 

Workshops for Reviewers

Compliance Hub offers a range of workshops on specialist topics that are ideal for Reviewers. 


In addition, Reviewers may wish to consider joining our Signatory programme as part of their on-going development.

Compliance Hub has justly earned its reputation for providing pragmatic advice and developing creative solutions to resolve compliance-related challenges.


Whether you are looking for a remote advisory service or need support shaping a key project, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help.


Compliance Hub's consultants are all experienced in working with the code and compliance processes. Together we bring experience from across the industry; and we broaden our knowledge on a daily basis as we work with a very wide range of agencies and companies.


Support is available on an ad-hoc basis, or we can agree dedicated time as a retained service.

Advice & Bespoke Support

Compliance Hub publishes a number of books written by our Managing Director, Steve Gray.


The most popular book with Signatories is “The Code Explained”.


As the title suggests, this book explains the meaning of the ABPI Code and helps Signatories apply the Code in their every day activities. The book is now in its fifth edition and is packed with case examples to assist in understanding even the trickiest topics.


There is no substitute for personalised learning.


Where you feel that you would benefit from 1:1 coaching, please contact us to book time with one of our highly experienced consultants.

The Code Awareness Service is an easy way to stay up to date with the outcome of Code cases.


Each month, Compliance Hub will send you a precis of every case in a simple, succinct format:


  • One-page summaries – the main elements and ley learning points from each case

  • PowerPoint slides – key learning points from all that month's cases clustered by topic (e.g. meetings, digital media, representatives, claims)

Subscriptions are a fixed price per agency, so what we send you can be shared with your in-house colleagues.

Code Awareness Service

Agenda and speakers tbc


Get your ticket at the early bird price of £550 (exc vat) offer until 1st January 2020.


We know that diary committments do not always permit attendance at prescheduled workshops. With that in mind Compliance Hub is pleased to offer a number of e-learning courses.


Our most popular three online courses are those that support the development of Signatory skills; Complaint Management skills; and enhanced knowledge about the EFPIA Code.


Please contact us directly to discuss our online courses.


Imagine a database of historical code cases. One that is searchable by topic, clause number or keyword.

Such a resource could be of immense value in researching the acceptability of claims or projects. It could also be highly valuable when managing complaints made under the ABPI Code of Practice.

Pharma Case Archive

We look forward to working with you.

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